Al Pasha Coffee Lounge & Bar

Panari Sky Centre, Mombasa Rd, Nairobi

Al Pasha Coffee Lounge & Bar

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Sun 08:00 – 01:00

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Another Foodie

The only thing I have eaten here are the bhajias and potato wedges and the fish fingers. It wasn't a meal. It wasn't the best but it wasn't bad either. However, I never go there to eat. It's just soft drinks for me and continuous sheesha. Typical Sunday venue from where I sometimes see giraffes and elephants in the Nairobi National Park that you can see from the building. I love the cozy seating. They give you Shuka to keep warm, and there is no time limit of how long you can sit there. Perfect for a sheesha head like me.... another round please.

Anonymous User

Very nice place with good food for a decent price.

Anonymous User

It is horrible and wouldn't advise anyone to go there.First of all whoever owns Alpasha should make sure the workers undergo basic training on customer service.Second of all if someone comes to have shisha its not there bloody first time,so don't come asking me about my age that you're below age and its illegal.We showed our ID's and the attendant was super annoying.Left that place and never going back.We ordered for food and it came after an hour.Go to Ocean basket and see how they attend to the clients with warmness.Very horrible and how dare you tell me you don't have mouthpieces and we should use foil.Too much shadiness.

James Wahome

It was supposed to be a birthday dinner with friends, the venue Al Pasha was selected out of past experiences at the restaurant. The restaurant seems to have undergone some metamorphosis, to begin with the steamed hand towels were scalding hot. We then proceeded to order food, which comprised of orders of fish with accompaniments and lamb with accompaniments. Accompaniments at Al Pasha means either Rice / Chips, which meant if the restaurant ever ran out of Chips, this would be evident within at least 10 minutes of the order getting to the kitchen on a slow night. It took the waiter a whole hour to come back and inform us that rice would be the only accompaniment. We reluctantly agreed because it was almost getting to 10 p.m. and we needed to get through the program of the evening quite quickly, we however hadn't anticipated that 1. we would be served with burnt rice and 2. there would be no sauce added to the rice, save for a sample of sauce that was provided on a small bowl which the waiter declared was a serving for five. All said and done, we stood up, paid for our drinks, grabbed our cake and we were off to Pampas.

Nkiro Kaburu

They have lovely shisha. The ambiance is good as well. In a nice spot you have clear view of the park. Their milkshakes are excellent and the service is great. Wonderful experience all together

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