Melissa Mwende's Picks
Melissa Mwende
Melissa is a Kenyan WSET Level 3 sommelier and wine educator based in Nairobi. Founder of Little Wine Basket and wine ambassador for Vergelegen Wine in East Africa. She's a passionate food and wine lover in a life-long pursuit of sensory cultivation.

Here are Melissa's top spots for wine and food in Nairobi

For the best pairing
Find the chef and owner, Howard when on his down-time and he'll take time to explain each food and wine pairing in such great detail. He takes time to know his guests. It's definitely a spot to visit for everyone looking to go on a sensory journey. It's a little expensive though, better to show up prepared!
Cosy indulgence
The owner Sonia is not only such a warm host, she has also done an amazing job with the interior by making the space feel cosy and romantic in the evenings - my boyfriend and I are suckers for beautiful interiors! Perfect for date night if you're not looking for something too private and looking to indulge in some of the best quality wines and food.
Best memories
This is where I take all my South African friends for their first dinner out whenever they're around. It's familiar territory. They have a really carefully selected wine list by the sommelier, Judy. They specialize in South African wine and I've had my favorite wine memories there. They make me fall in love with South African wine each time I'm there.
After work spot
I love Two Grapes because of their laid-back approach to wine. I go here when my intention is to wine down after a long day at work.