Lorna Muchemi Picks
Lorna Muchemi
Lorna is a TEDx speaker, digital content creator, fashion enthusiast and part of one of the biggest YouTube channels in Kenya, Over25

Lorna picks her fave spots for a girls night out and ideal date spots

Convenience, you can have dinner on one side and walk across to party on the other. I also love the open plan idea, you can see everything from end to end.
Healthy menu
Beautiful location. They had the yummiest cocktails. They have the healthiest menu I have ever interacted with. I was surprised that they were vegetarian friendly AND had both vegan and gluten free options. Fast food! And I mean this literally. We got our order in minutes.
Japanese-Peruvian combo
I love the fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine which initially sounded like a far-fetched combination but it was actually the perfect match. Their ceviche and cocktails were amazing and on top of that their interior is tastefully done and complimented with a nice view of the city
The Mulberry Project
Love love love how you can build your own cocktail. The bartenders are pretty cool. They have this vibe about them and recently found out you can take bartending classes there. Something i'm def going to look in to. They sell cocktail bottles!