Julia Gaitho picks
Julia Gaitho
Julia Gaitho is a sensitive rebel who's creative, curious and entrepreneurial. She's also part of one of the biggest YouTube channels in Kenya, Over25 and runs another YouTube page, My Tiny Little Channel
Happy hour spot
This has to be my favourite spot for happy hour cocktails. I like to sit along the edge of the restaurant which has large windows and a beautiful view of the city from which you can watch city lights come on as the sun sets behind you.
The best steak
I absolutely love the steaks from the Local Grill. Whether you go for the corn fed or grass-fed steak, either is a win. I also love their red wine selection which was perfectly paired to my steak by a staff member. Ambience is warm and chic - perfect for a ‘special’ date.
Local Grill
Local Grill
Gigiri - Village Market
Mexican food
I love Mexican food because it is flavorful, colorful and familiar. Mercado knows how to do it right. I do have to say though, their Chocolate and Tequila Tart won my heart- delicious dessert. Can you ever really go wrong with caramel sauce?